Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Making Progress

The unpacking continues. While it may not look it, we are making significant headway on the unpacking of our apartment and making it a home and not just a place to live.

I started the day by unpacking the most important item, the television. Following that, we made time today to visit World Market, Home Depot, and Bed Bath and Beyond, there was time.

We finalized the day by hitting the building in the gym and enjoying a very nice chicken and rice stir fry, compliments of our new kitchen. As an aside, dishwashers makes cleaning significantly faster.

We now close out the day with some nice lounging, and looking forward to some more unpacking tomorrow.


Laura said...

If I recall, I was the one who cooked dinner, not the kitchen.

Mer said...

Gd bless the dishwasher

Elizabeth said...

Cooks dinner, drives moving truck...Carl, you found yourself a keeper.

The gym just makes me sad now.